We are Tash and Russell :)

Tash and Russell about us


Vegan 🌱 // Travel addict 🌏 // Photographer 📷 // Cat mama 😻

INFJ (The Advocate) - imaginative, sensitive & compassionate

I love adventures. I want to go everywhere. My favourite places so far are Yosemite National Park, the Scottish Highlands, the Alps and Stockholm. I really like mountains.

I’m always listening to music - usually Ben Howard or Boards of Canada.

I reckon The Big Lebowski is the best film ever made (Fargo comes a close second…I have an obsession with Steve Buscemi and the Coen Brothers)

One day I’d love to travel around the world in a campervan and look after goats (not at the same time…although that would be something)

My current favourite things:

Rooibos tea with vanilla and re-watching Buffy


Veggie 🥑 // Gamer 🎮 // Filmmaker 🎥 // Geek 🤓

ISTP-T (The Virtuoso) - curious, logical & practical

I know the words to every Foo Fighters song and my life is pretty much made up of a combination of Friends and Scrubs quotes.

Nothing is better than a good cup of coffee and some chocolate (tea does come a close second though)

One day I’d love to road trip in a convertible along Highway 1 in California at the start of summer and stop at every beach.

My dream is to live in a house surrounded by nature with a small veggie patch. I’d also love a dog (or 3).

My current favourite things:

James Coffee Co. and my Nintendo Switch