Engagement shoot

Holly & Liam | Rumbolds Farm Couple Shoot

Holly and Liam get married in a few weeks and we are so excited!

A few months ago we met up at their wedding venue Rumbolds Farm in Plaistow, West Sussex and took some lovely photographs of the two of them 🀩

Rumbolds Farm is such an incredible wedding venue. The barn is surrounded by beautiful gardens and miles of countryside beyond. Holly and Liam are having their ceremony outside in front of the lake which I am so excited about!

Holly and Liam are super lovely and they are planning such a relaxed and fun wedding. This is the first time I’ve visited a venue with a couple to take engagement photographs, usually we opt for a different location but with such a stunning backdrop they definitely made the right decision.

These two are super cute together (just look below 😍) and I can’t wait for their wedding πŸ’›

Enjoy the photos!

Rumbolds Farm engagement shoot in the summer
Rumbolds Farm engagement shoot with couple laughing
Engaged couple smiling at each other during Rumbolds Farm engagement shoot
Rumbolds Farm wedding photography engagement shoot
Liam and Holly Engagement-33.jpg
Couple shoot at Rumbolds Farm
Couple shoot at Rumbolds Farm | Sussex wedding photographer
West Sussex wedding photography | Couple shoot at Rumbolds Barn wedding
Rumbolds Barn wedding photography
Rumbolds Barn wedding photography | Couple shoot
Couple shoot at Rumbolds Farm wedding photography
Rumbolds Farm wedding photography

Sarah & Daniel | A sunrise engagement shoot on West Wittering beach

Sarah and Daniel are my favourite kind of people. They woke up at 3.30am for a sunrise engagement shoot earlier this summer and didn't bat an eyelid or complain once. They get married next year and I’m so excited :) they got engaged under the stars in Yosemite, California and anyone who knows me will know how much I love it there!

I absolutely love sunrise. Russell and I regularly wake up before sunrise during the summer to go and sit on the beach. There is something so peaceful about the world before everyone wakes up. This couple shoot was the perfect example of that, we barely saw a soul for at least an hour.

West Wittering beach is absolutely beautiful but unfortunately it gets so busy during the summer. I loved seeing it this empty :) I would love to shoot another engagement shoot here in the winter, anyone up for it? ;)

Engagement shoot at sunrise on West Wittering beach - beautiful blue sky
West Wittering at sunrise
Couple laughing and playing around on West Wittering beach
Beach huts at West Wittering
Engagement shoot on West Wittering beach at sunrise with beach huts
Couple laughing on West Wittering beach
Piggyback on West Wittering beach
Couple looking out to sea in West Wittering
Piggyback in the sea during engagement shoot at West Wittering
Couple cuddling in the sea on West Wittering beach
Couple cuddling at West Wittering beach
Couple dancing at sunrise
Engagement shoot at West Wittering beach during sunrise
Beach huts on West Wittering beach at sunrise
Empty beach at West Wittering during sunrise
Couple laughing sat down on a beach hut step at West Wittering beach
Engagement shoot on West Wittering beach at sunrise | couple cuddling on beach hut
Couple piggyback in the ocean at West Wittering during engagement shoot
Couple piggyback through sand dunes at West Wittering
Couple laughing sat near the sand dunes at West Wittering beach