Richmond Park engagement

Beth & Simon | Richmond Park Couple Shoot

Ahhh Richmond Park is SO beautiful!

From the very first moment that Beth and Simon enquired with me, I knew we were a perfect match. These guys are awesome and so so lovely. Simon also wins the award for most random career that any of my couples have had so far - he makes wax figures for Madame Tussauds! 😎 Beth is a nurse too which just makes me adore her all the more :)

Beth and Simon were pretty nervous about having a photographer focus on them for their wedding day so I was really looking forward to their couple shoot so that they could see that it’s actually super fun and nothing to be worried about! We spent an hour or so wandering around the park avoiding the crowds (it was so busy!) and chatting about their wedding (they got married in the best venue ever!). We spent the entire time looking for deer too but they were hiding from us :( we saw some from a distance but none up close (but we did see some battle ready swans and some sweet doggos 🐶).

After this shoot my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much. Beth and Simon might be the nicest people I’ve ever met and they’re so funny too! They are both super relaxed and were so much fun to hang out with. We talked about films, Scotland and travel (all my favourite things) and about their honeymoon to Bali 🏝

We were lucky enough to have lovely light - it was a warm day but the sun wasn’t too bright thankfully. I always suggest to my couples that we meet for couple shoots just before sunset as the light is best at this time 💛 plus the crowds start to dwindle and that’s important if the location is this popular!

I absolutely adore photographing couples in love in beautiful locations like Richmond Park so please do get in touch if you fancy a couple shoot here or in another London park ❤

Richmond Park Engagement Shoot
Couple walking through Richmond Park
Richmond Park couple shoot
Couple laughing and climbing trees in Richmond Park
Couple walking along fallen tree in Richmond Park during engagement shoot
Couple holding hands in Richmond Park
Richmond Park engagement shoot couple looking at each other smiling
Couple cuddling in Richmond Park
Richmond Park Engagement Shoot
Couple laughing during engagement shoot in Richmond Park
Richmond Park couple shoot
Couple shoot in Richmond Park couple smiling at each other
Richmond Park engagement shoot
Couple kissing during Richmond Park engagement
Couple hug as they watch a swan in Richmond Park
couple kissing during Richmond Park engagement shoot
Richmond Park Engagement
Richmond Park at sunset
Piggyback Richmond Park engagement shoot
Richmond Park couple shoot
Richmond Park engagement session
Richmond Park engagement shoot