Czech Republic wedding

Lenka & Alastair | Penzion André, Czech Republic

This wedding was absolutely incredible! I've known Lenka and Alastair for several years and it was such a joy to see them get married ♡ 

Lenka and Alastair flew all their favourite people out to a beautiful vineyard in the Czech Republic for 3 days of fantastic wine and fun. It was such a blast! The whole weekend was sooo hot, it felt like we were attending a wedding at a vineyard in Italy, not the Czech Republic!

The couple, their families and Lenka's awesome bridesmaids put so much effort into the whole day and it really showed. There were fun Czech traditions such as smashing plates on the floor and cleaning them up together, drinking shots of vodka disguised as water and hilarious games of them both trying to pick each other out of a lineup - blindfolded! 

The attention to detail at this wedding was fantastic and there was always something for the guests to do - drink incredible wine, eat ALL THE FOOD (seriously, it was amazing and there was so much of it!), play fun games, dance along to a talented Czech folk band, dance along to the DJ and Lenka's own party playlist or explore the super venue with all its nooks and crannies (the wine cellar was vast!). 

As you'll see below there were some particularly cheeky groomsmen at this wedding! They spent hours blowing up normal balloons only to realise that they'd run out of helium and the huge heart balloons they were supposed to be filling had been left until last (and that's nothing compared to the other shenanigans they got up to...more below!). 

As I write this Lenka and Alastair have just finished their honeymoon and moved to a beautiful part of Italy for the summer to soak up the sun and plant some vines of their own (!) so hopefully these photographs will remind them of an incredible weekend they shared with all the people they love :) 

I'm super proud of my husband Russell as he filmed a highlight video for Lenka and Al - check it out below!

Now for the photos!


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