UK wedding

Rio & Connor | A spring wedding at Gildings Barn

My first wedding of 2019 was an epic one :)

Rio and Connor booked me years ago and I was so excited to photograph their wedding! Rio is such a sweetheart and her bubbly energy is infectious. You can see from their couple shoot here that all she does is laugh and smile constantly 💕

Rio got ready for the wedding with her best friends at her parent’s house and it was such a lovely start to the day. Rio’s bridesmaids even serenaded her while she had her make-up finished 😉

The couple chose to hold their wedding ceremony at Crawley Baptist Church as the church meant a great deal to their families. Not all church services are personal but this one really was. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

The couple’s chosen reception venue was Gildings Barn near Dorking. The barn is in a beautiful spot, surrounded by countryside. As guests arrived they were greeted with Connor’s favourite beers and their friends performing an acoustic set. Gildings Barn is a really versatile wedding venue as there are 3 different barns - one for the meal and dancing and the other two for relaxing and/or drinks! I know this is one of the reasons that Rio and Connor chose Gildings Barn for their wedding as they wanted somewhere that would suit their guests for the entire evening and would also provide enough space in case the weather turned - which of course it did!🌦

Despite the rain, Rio and Connor and their friends and family had such a blast. They drank great beer, ate good food and with so many guests from all over the world, they had a great catch-up too!

In the evening the wedding guests were entertained by the band Vivo (I coincidentally used to work for the same company as the singer in our former lives before weddings!). The band were awesome! Live music at a wedding really gets the energy moving. If you’re getting married and want a packed dance floor - get a band!

After their first dance, Rio’s cousin (a professional parkour athlete!) cleared the space in front of the stage and jumped over Rio, it was awesome! 🤸🏻‍♂️

Congratulations again you beautiful pair!

Venue: Gildings Barn

Food: Browns Kitchen

Band: Vivo

Make-up: Aimee the MUA

Hair: Pinnies Hair

Cake: Hettys Cake House Not

Bride having her make up applied by make up artist on the morning of her wedding
Bridesmaids laughing while bride has make up done
Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaid help Bride put on wedding dress
Bride laughing in bridal portrait
Father of the Bride crying as he sees his daughter for the first time
Groom and Best Man wait at church for bride to arrive
Bride and Father of the Bride arrive at the church in a mustang wedding car
Bride and Father of the Bride get ready to walk into the ceremony
Wedding day order of service on chair at ceremony
Groom and groomsmen wait for bride in the church
Bride walks down the aisle with Father of the Bride and Groom waits for her at the altar
Groom smiles at Bride as Father of Bride wipes a tear from his eyes and smiles
Bride and Father of the Bride smile and hug before she gets married
Bride smiles as two members of her family walk to the stage to give a reading
Two young girls give a reading during church wedding ceremony
Bride and Groom exchange vows
Bride and Groom exchange vows as Father of the Bride sheds a tear behind them
Groom puts rings on Bride's finger
Bride and Groom have first kiss after exchanging vows
Bride and Groom and guests singing along to hymn performed by band in church
Guests throw confetti over newlyweds
Confetti shot!
Bride and Groom smile as guests throw confetti
Family and friends throw confetti over Bride and Groom
Guests wave as Bride and Groom drive away in a Mustang wedding car
Gildings Barn sign
Wedding guests arriving at Gildings Barn
Rustic pallet order of the day sign at wedding leaning against wooden cart
Rustic wedding table plan with gin bottles and fairy lights
Rustic wedding decorations with paper lanterns and Old Truman Brewery beer barrel
Beautiful paper lanterns wedding decoration at Gildings Barn
Rustic wedding table decorations
Gildings Barn wedding photography
Wedding guests eat canapés at Gildings Barn
Wedding guests eating canapés at Gildings Barn
Browns Kitchen canapés at Gildings Barn
Wedding reception at Gildings Barn
Bride and Groom portraits at Gildings Barn
Bride and Groom portraits at Gildings Barn
Bride and Groom wedding photography at Gildings Barn
Groom kissing bride on forehead | Gildings Barn wedding photography
Bride and Groom stood outside barn | Gildings Barn Wedding Photography
Bride and Groom dancing outside Gildings Barn
Groom's shoes and the dirty bottom of bride's wedding dress
Guests bring carvery to their tables at Gildings Barn
Wedding guests carve meat at their table
Guests eating a carvery for the wedding breakfast
Wedding dessert at Gildings Barn
Groom speech at Gildings Barn while guests laugh
Guests laughing during wedding speeches
Best man speech at Gildings Barn
Guests laughing during wedding speeches
Guests raise a toast at wedding
Bride and Groom cut wedding cake at Gildings Barn
Wedding guest takes photo of other wedding guests
Wedding guests laughing during wedding reception at Gildings Barn
Guests laughing and pulling faces at wedding
Wedding reception at Gildings Barn
Wedding guests and bridesmaids laughing during wedding reception at Gildings Barn
Bride and Groom first dance at Gildings Barn wedding
First dance at Gildings Barn wedding
Wedding guests and bride and groom dancing at Gildings Barn
Wedding guests dancing
Parkour over the bride at Gildings Barn wedding
VIVO band at Gildings Barn
Guests dancing at Gildings Barn wedding

Adrienne & James | An awesome laidback outdoor wedding in Lincolnshire

This summer has been incredible so far and I've been SO lucky to travel (all over the world, Australia counts right?!) to photograph some absolutely wonderful relaxed and happy weddings! 

I knew from the moment that I started speaking to Adrienne about her and James' wedding that it would be a dream wedding to photograph. Adrienne and James just wanted to have a bloody good time with all the people they love. 

I could talk for hours about wedding traditions. I love it when my couples pick and choose the traditions that actually mean something to them (or abandon them altogether, that's my absolute favourite!) and these guys did just that. They didn't want any posed photographs (but just look below at how BEAUTIFUL they are when I managed to persuade them ;) !), no group photos and definitely no speeches or forced "fun" for their guests. 

These guys did everything in a really simple and straightforward way. They hired self-catering barn accommodation for a week (best decision ever), made lots themselves (the seating,  all the signs, the wedding arch, a gladiators game - yes like the TV show - and the bar...James is a genius), brought in food (picnic food and a PIZZA TRUCK), stocked their bar with their favourite ale, played a massive game of Beer Pong and even threw one of their wedding guests in the swimming pool fully clothed! 

All of the above made this such an amazing wedding but Adrienne and James know who the star of the show was for me (and my husband Russell who joined me to shoot video, more coming soon!)...their Italian Greyhound Sunny. Oh my days, I love dogs at weddings and Sunny might just be my favourite dog in the world. Have a look below and I'm sure you will agree ♡ Sunny loves these guys a ridiculous amount, it's so cute! 

As this wedding was so bloody awesome I asked Adrienne to compile a list of tips for any other couples who would like to plan a relaxed and non-traditional wedding and here they are (thank you Adrienne!): 

1- Support small local businesses rather than using well known chains for things. I found that they show more attention to detail and it's an all round more personalised experience. That being said we bought our table flowers from our local Morrisons and arranged them ourselves. Just suss out when and where to be savvy. Do as much as you can yourself (within reason and without stressing yourself out too much).

2- Charity shops! These places are amazing for picking up little things you may need for added decoration. such as cushions or throws. We bought a handful of cut glass bowls for nuts for the bar etc. I also found Etsy was great for finding one off cute little extras such as the macrame and my belt. 

3- We decided to have a free bar...all day...if we could change this now we probably would. By the time the hired bar man had gone home it became a free for all, at which point I had to step in a be a party pooper and limit people's drinks to beer only. However the other side to this is that the guests REALLY appreciated it! - "this is the best wedding ever"

4- Help is all around you. Try not to stress too much as friends and family will step in to help. Call upon the expertise of those you know. If you know someone crafty - USE THEM! Our favours were made by the mother of the groom, the cake was made by the sister in-law! Fortune saved.

5- Don't get hung up on tiny details like, is that glass vase central on that tiny table in the corner - no one will notice on the day and it's time you're wasting that you could be spending on other drinking! (this is one of my fave tips!) 

6- The venue is obviously super important. Again this is about thinking outside of the box. We found a lovely converted barn, self catering holiday let literally 20 mins from our front door. As this wasn't a registered wedding venue it was super cheap in comparison and this meant we had the entire venue for a whole week, guests didn't have the stress of travelling long distances AND it slept 16 people at NO additional costs. We found a humanist celebrant who gave us a blessing which meant we had total control over everything - the wording, the location and live music!

7 - This is your day and you can plan it exactly how you want. We were legally married in the local registry office a few weeks prior to our 'ceremony'. This was just James, myself and 2 witnesses. We turned up in jeans and it cost £40. It's a little nontraditional but it suited us down to the ground!

In addition - we knew our day was going to be super relaxed and for that reason we decided not to have bridesmaids and groomsmen. All our close friends and family helped out and we didn't have to give them a title or a suit/dress for them to volunteer. 

8 - Our day started at 10.30am and guests stayed until midnight in the end. Despite this being a super long day, it still felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. My advice is stand back for 30 mins just to adsorb, take some time with your new husband (or wife) to reflect, this really helped us. 

9- Don't over plan, or worry if you're behind on schedule or if you forget about things - we didn't schedule in a cake cutting moment but it ended up happening, simply because the cake was too beautiful to not be the star for 15 mins!

10- Last but not least, DO choose your photographer carefully, after all the photos they take will help you remember your day for the rest of your life. I would recommend Tash and Russell to anyone! Their work is amazing and they're literally the nicest people you'll ever meet. I think Tash should add wedding organiser/planner/project manager to her CV! 


I really love the approach that Adrienne and James took to planning their wedding and I hope the tips above are helpful for anyone else who is planning their wedding! I think it is so important to have a wedding that reflects you both as a couple, to not worry too much about traditions or what others may expect from you. Just plan the day the way you want it ♡

Lovely suppliers:

Venue: Thorganby Hall

Acoustic Musician: Sam Dawson

Stone baked pizza van: Pizza Mamma Hull


Thorganby Hall, Lincolnshire Wedding
Welcome to Marris Barn sign, Thorganby, Lincolnshire
Order of the day, relaxed back garden wedding
Bride and her Italian greyhound
Bridal bouquet
Wedding bar
Guests arriving for wedding
Italian greyhound sat on the back of the sofa
Family and friends seeing bride for the first time
alternative bride with tattoo and lace wedding dress
Bride hugging her mother on wedding day
Bride walking to her wedding with her Grandfather and dog
Macrame wedding arch surrounded by Lincolnshire countryside
Groom waits for bride stood with his brother by macrame wedding arch
Outdoor wedding ceremony with macrame wedding arch
Outdoor wedding ceremony with macrame wedding arch
Bride and groom getting married in outdoor wedding ceremony with Italian greyhound and macrame wedding arch
Bride and groom getting married in outdoor wedding ceremony in Lincolnshire countryside
Couple laughing through outdoor wedding ceremony
Bride and groom showing emotion while mother of the groom does a reading
Bride and groom smiling through outdoor wedding ceremony reading
Bride crying during reading
Couple's dog joins in during the wedding ceremony
Bride reading vows
Groom reading vows and bride crying
Bride and groom exchanging vows during outdoor wedding ceremony with macrame wedding arch and countryside views
Couple's first kiss as husband and wife | outdoor wedding ceremony in Lincolnshire with macrame wedding arch
Just married!
Confetti shot!
Bride and groom get confetti thrown at them
Groom spinning bride around at the end of the aisle
Flower girl throws confetti over bride
Toddler throwing confetti over the bride
Bride cuddling her Italian greyhound on her wedding day
Acoustic musician Sam Dawson playing at relaxed outdoor wedding
Wedding guests and groom stood at the handmade bar
Italian greyhound "Iggy" staring up at bride and groom
Bride pulling herself a pint of Doombar ale
Bride proudly holds her pint of ale
Bride and groom cheers with their ales
Beautiful Lincolnshire countryside wedding | Thorganby, Lincolnshire
Bride relaxing with her wedding guests
Guests enjoying outdoor wedding
Bride and groom throw guest into swimming pool
Bride and groom throw guest into pool
Wedding guest gets thrown into the swimming pool by bride and groom
Groom eating while dog begs for food
Dog begs for food from bride and groom
Beautiful Lincolnshire countryside
Young boy riding children's tractor wearing sunglasses
Bride and groom portrait at outdoor wedding in Lincolnshire
Groom kissing bride on the head | Black and white photograph
Italian greyhound with bride and groom
Bride and groom with VW camper van on wedding day
Bride and groom walking through car park looking cool
Bride and groom living the van life on their wedding day
Bride and groom portrait at relaxed wedding in Lincolnshire
Beautiful alternative wedding couple portrait
Bride and groom and their Italian greyhound
Bride and groom drinking ale instead of cake cutting
Bride smashing cake on groom's face during cake cutting
Bride and groom laughing during cake cutting
Handmade heart wedding favours
Children playing around at outdoor wedding
Child strutting around at outdoor wedding
Wedding guests drinking in the sunshine
Children playing outside at wedding
Bride laughing with wedding guests
Barefoot bohemian bride with alternative lace wedding dress
Wedding guests playing gladiator outdoor games
Adrienne and James-66.jpg
Pizza Mamma Hull making pizza at relaxed outdoor wedding
Wedding guests eating pizza
Wedding guests devouring pizza
Wedding guests eating pizza
Bride and groom doing selfie with wedding guests
Bride and groom eating their wedding pizza
Groom shoving pizza in the bride's face
Bride reacts to having pizza smashed in her face during wedding reception
Beer pong at a relaxed wedding
Bride and groom playing beer pong
Groom drinks in beer pong at wedding
Bride drinks in wedding beer pong
Bride plays beer pong during wedding
Wedding guests celebrate during beer pong
Team celebrate during wedding beer pong
Wedding guest falling off podium while playing gladiator
Wedding guests laughing while playing gladiator
Bride and groom with coloured smoke grenades on wedding day
Bride and groom drawing heart with smoke grenades on wedding day
Bride and groom cuddling with smoke grenade to the side
Bride and groom cuddling at sunset

Annie & Alex | A fun village hall wedding in Kent

Wow, what a wedding!

I'd been looking forward to photographing Annie and Alex's wedding in Kent from the first moment they got in touch last year. Annie has this amazing infectious energy that came through in every single message, Skype call and their lovely engagement shoot last autumn. I mean, just look at that grin! I don't think she stopped smiling all day :) these two are seriously in love and it's so wonderful to witness ♡ I feel incredibly honoured to be the one they chose to document their wedding. 

The day started with the threat of constant rain but it was almost like the two of them didn't even notice because they were too excited to see each other and get married. Annie and her lovely bridesmaids got ready in Annie's childhood home (I really love it when couples get ready at home!) which gave me the opportunity to stalk Sophie the cat :) she's super cute! 

The ceremony took place at St. Michael's Church in Smarden, followed by a fun party at Egerton Millennium Hall. These guys love their family and friends very much and I felt like the whole day was just a bubble of happiness and love. Every single person there was so full of joy at seeing two people they care about so much get married.

Annie and Alex are pretty obsessed with travel and adventure and had decorated their reception to show all the incredible places they've been. They have an amazing assortment of tickets, snapshots and memorabilia and they'd created a museum of their lives so far which was a really fun addition to their decoration! 

Entertainment was provided by the band Banish Misfortunes and the gorgeous bright flowers provided by Hannah from Patina & Petal

Thank you Annie and Alex for choosing me as your wedding photographer :)

 I'll stop waffling on now and let the photographs from the rest of the day do the rest of the talking :) 

A cat at a wedding
Bride getting ready
Bridesmaids waiting for bride
Bride's first look with bridesmaids
Bridesmaid reactions
Bride and Mother of the Bride
Bride and bridesmaids laughing in a back garden
St. Michael's Church, Smarden, Kent wedding
Bride arriving at church
Bride walking to the church
Bride walking up the aisle in a church
Groom waits at the altar smiling at his bride
Bride and groom laughing in church
Bride and groom laughing on their wedding day
Bride and groom laughing in church
Bride and groom exchanging rings
Bridesmaid watching bride and groom get married
Bride and groom getting married!
Just married!
Groom and best man hug
Bride hugs the Mother of the Bride
Confetti shot
Confetti shot outside church
Happy confetti shot!
Bride and groom kiss while friends throw confetti
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen pulling silly faces
Groomsmen kissing the groom
Selfie at a wedding
Cute couple in a wedding car
Bride and groom opening present
Crochet bride and groom cake topper
Guest putting up peace sign behind bride and groom
Bride and groom looking at each other
Bride and groom in black and white
Bride and groom in love
Bride and groom full length portrait
Groom kissing bride on the forehead
Bride and groom laughing
Bride and groom walking in the woods
Cricket game on wedding day
Groom giving speech at wedding
Groom's speech and laughing top table
Bride walking under umbrella
Bride giving thumbs up
Bride and groom first dance
Bride and groom first dance in black and white
Guest dancing
Friends dancing at a wedding
Bride dancing with guest
Air guitar at a wedding
Dancing mother of the bride
Wedding guest dancing
Wedding guests dancing