What to expect from your wedding photography 

Destination wedding bride and groom

Thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer ♡

Weddings are the best and I can't wait to join you for yours, we're going to have so much fun!

I've created this guide to ensure you get the most from your wedding photography. It'll cover tips from how to get incredible portraits of the two of you and how to get a dancefloor moving to how best to light your reception. You'll also get to know a little more about how I work and what to expect. So, grab a cuppa and read on...


Before the wedding 

Engagement photography

You've got engaged (yay!), you've booked the venue and now you've booked your photographer (me!!). This is such an exciting time of the wedding planning, you may have already decided on the look and feel of your wedding day but if not there are so many incredible online resources available to help you - my favourites are The Natural Wedding Company, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and Boho Weddings.

I am available for advice or general chit-chat throughout this time if you need me - I've recently been married myself and I also know so many great wedding industry people that I can recommend. I love knowing more about your wedding as you plan it :)


After you've booked your wedding photography I will get in touch again to arrange your complimentary couples shoot. I love doing these! I usually suggest we meet up somewhere beautiful that means something to you both (and if you can't think of anywhere I have a list below!). I prefer to shoot alternative style couple shoots - either adventure sessions somewhere beautiful or tailored to a location/activity that you love. Ideas for these are below:

Adventure sessions - what are they? 

Well, they are what they say on the tin really. We go somewhere a bit wild and beautiful and I take some photographs of the two of you looking all lovely :) the emphasis of the shoot is not only on the two of you but the incredible scenery you're in. 

Ideas for adventure session locations: 

A windy hike through the Brecon Beacons A sunrise stroll along the beach If you have a dog... a sunset dog walk along a river Wild  swimming (yes, I'll jump in too!) A hike to a beautiful waterfall or lake | Anything in the Scottish Highlands (I'm obsessed...) | A hike in the majestic Lake District |


| Bowling! | An at-home session with you and your furry babies | A picnic in your favourite park | A walk through beautiful lavender fields (season dependant!) | Whatever you love doing!

Another fab idea is to use your couple shoot images during your wedding - either as a guestbook or displayed at your venue. Just ask me if you'd like this and I can help :)


Roughly 3 months before your wedding I will get in touch again with your invoice and a 'day in detail' questionnaire. This questionnaire is super important as it's the 'official' place to note down the timings of the day and any requests you have. It's also a good opportunity to tell me any exciting plans you have like sparklers, fireworks or surprise appearances! :)

In the weeks before the wedding I am definitely happy to jump on Skype for a last minute chat with you both if you've got any last questions or just want to talk the day over. Just let me know! 

Try to remember that the most important part of getting married is being married to your favourite person. If an aspect of your wedding day is stressing you out too much, just leave it. Your happiness and that of your partner, is the most important thing ♡

Your wedding day

Yay, the best bit! ♡


Getting ready 

Bride doing her own make up

It's really important to put a bit of thought into where you will be getting ready on the morning of your wedding. Regardless of whether you've opted to have this part of the day photographed, it's a good idea to get ready somewhere calming with the right people around you. The hours before you get married are special, you will probably be full of nerves and feeling anxious that the day will go well (which it will!). 

If you are having this part photographed consider getting ready together, I LOVE it when couples choose to do this as it makes for absolutely wonderful photographs and it's the best way to calm yourself if you're feeling nervous. If you live close to the venue why not get ready at home? In the future you can look back at photographs from your wedding day and see wonderful snapshots of what your home looked like at the time!

Regardless of where you choose to get ready, it's best to do so somewhere with lots of beautiful natural light. If you're doing your own make-up and hair or having it done by a professional sit next to a window, the light is so flattering and soft, much better than nasty artificial light! 

I will arrive to your getting ready location about 2 hours before the ceremony. This will then give me a chance to photograph as your final hair and make-up touch ups are applied and we can take some lovely portraits before we leave. 

Give yourself more time than you think you need to get ready. It’s so lovely to have at least 20 minutes before you need to leave to relax and make sure you’re ready to go :) no one likes to have to rush!
Groom getting ready

Second photographer?

If you're interested in getting both sides of the preparation covered and a different viewpoint of the ceremony it's worth thinking about hiring a second photographer. I work with a great community of photographers who can join me on the day. Just let me know if you'd like more details :)


The ceremony 

Bride and groom exchanging vows

Ahh the ceremony!

It's important to think about where I'll be able to stand during your ceremony. Some churches refuse to let photographers stand at the front (which is the best place to get pictures!) so it's worth finding that out before the day itself. My preference is to stand up the front with the two of you and the officiant - this is super important as I want lovely photographs of your happy faces and not the back of your heads! 

Once you're married (YAY!) and everyone has taken their fake photograph of you signing the register (no one is allowed to take a picture of you signing the real deal including me!) and you begin to walk down the aisle, walk slowly ♡ this moment makes for epic photographs :) 



confetti shot

It is REALLY important to use biodegradable confetti